Digital Marketing Executive

Job Budget
This job open for
Must be completed by

• Monitoring, Tracking, Analyzing, Building, and Planning the digital marketing strategy for his/her organization and its clients' channels through providing regular internal reports for the positioning in the market vs other competitors.
• Work as a team with the designers and other functions if needed
• Moderating, Managing, Optimizing & Maintaining the online channels using effective tools such as WordPress, likalizar, socialbakers, google trends...
• Manage and improve online content (copywriting), considering SEO and Google trends.
• Developing, Managing and handling digital marketing ads.
• Report any errors or bugs in online content and providing multiple solutions.
• Editing, Scheduling and Publishing videos, podcasts and audio content to online channels.
• Providing an innovative approach to marketing by Identifying new trends in digital marketing, evaluate new technologies and ensure the brand is at the forefront of industry developments.
• Analyzing & providing monthly reports.
• Communicating & Presenting the key features of a digital product to customers and colleagues who are not technical.
• Communicating & Presenting ideas with clients, customers, other designers, and other functions to ensure that their designs accurately reflect the desired message and effectively express information.